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At Axiologik, we specialise in bringing real-world acceleration to large scale digital transformations. We're experts in agile frameworks, Continuous Delivery & DevOps, but we recognise that acceleration comes from alignment, principles, strong governance and leadership and not from textbooks, shiny tools and 'promise-everything' methods.

Every member of our team has successfully delivered major change programmes for large organisations, often playing an instrumental role in bringing them back from the brink. We’re not consultants dealing in abstract theory and recommendations that can’t be implemented – we believe in real-world, pragmatic advice, backed up by experience. We don’t believe in beating about the bush and political half-truths – we value absolute honesty and doing the right thing. Whilst we respect intent, we think outcomes matter more.

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Having met in 2007 turning around one of the UK’s largest ever IT programmes, the founders went on to play senior leadership roles in FTSE100 and global IT services companies. We've led some of the world's largest agile digital transformations, delivered in environments where mistakes have consequences and systematically and consistently brought troubled situations back from the brink.

Throughout our careers, we’ve helped organisations get struggling IT programmes back on track. The business context changes and approaches mature, but the root causes for failure remain the same. We formed Axiologik in 2016 because we believe our industry deserves better and that right first time should be the norm, not the exception.

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Our Leadership Team

Adrian Stanbury


Former Chief Technology Officer and Head of Programmes for a FTSE100 retailer. Over 20 years’ experience in delivering complex business and IT transformation programmes, including leadership of one of the UK’s largest ever digital transformations for BT. Adrian has worked extensively across retail, consumer business and health and specialises in retail IT strategy, governance, programme assurance and organisational change.

Rob Stanger


Former Head of Programmes for a leading global IT services firm, with over 20 years’ experience in delivering large scale (£100m+), technology-enabled change. Rob has extensive cross sector experience, including retail, health, government and insurance. Rob specialises in recovering troubled programmes, outsourcing & offshoring, negotiation and commercial management.

Ben Davison


Former Managing Director and Head of Delivery for a leading global IT services firm specialising in large scale enterprise systems and scaled agile transformation programmes. Ben has over 20 years’ experience in major programmes across retail, government, health and financial services. Ben’s areas of expertise are strategic planning, large scale agile delivery, operating model transformation and business recovery.

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