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Axiologik help our clients successfully deliver business-critical, technology-enabled transformation in a world of digital disruption and large-scale IT failure. Through real-world strategy, razor-sharp clarity of direction, rigorous execution and a focus on what really matters, we have helped turn around and deliver some of the world’s largest and most complex transformation programmes.
We’re currently working with some prestigious organisations to help define, plan and successfully deliver their transformational change. Whether you’re just setting out, wrestling with a complex change portfolio or just want an independent view of how you’re doing, we can help you. Find out more about the services we offer to our clients below.

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Many business transformation initiatives struggle because of poor definition – either the vision lacks clarity and is too fluffy to set direction, the strategic delivery choices are insufficiently thought through or little attention is paid to the systemic and competitive problems preventing the organisation from winning in the first place.

We believe that real transformation occurs when well defined strategy is combined with the ability to get things done. But we also believe that well defined strategy is much more than just having a clever business plan – it’s the strategic technology choices you make and the operating model you put in place to deal with and capitalise on a complex and ever-changing world.

At Axiologik, we’ve helped both public and private sector organisations build the right transformation strategy and operating model for them.

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Delivering transformational change in today’s world is all about finding the right balance between opposing forces. Long term transformation roadmaps must be balanced with evolutionary and opportunistic product development, whereas shorter planning horizons conflict with the need to manage complex dependencies across programmes. Having the expertise and experience to make informed tradeoffs is paramount, as is the skill to determine what needs to be done now versus what can be done later.

At Axiologik, we often see transformation programmes struggling because plans are either too rigid or too loose to provide balance. In either scenario, the bigger picture is lost. Finding the right balance requires both the ability to see at 10,000ft and the experience and track record to manage the detail. We’ve helped organisations plan and deliver some of the largest and most complex transformations in the world. Talk to us about how we help you deliver better results through effective planning.

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Every business context is different and there is ‘no one size fits all’ or ‘best practice’ operating model for programme delivery that can be unpacked out of the box with magical results. Structures, processes and methods are deployed to achieve an outcome and outcomes vary depending on the strategy to be achieved and the problems to be solved.

We regularly see environments where too much process and governance actually harms progress, just as we see those where a lack of structure results in disarray and confusion. At Axiologik, we help you find the right balance between control and creativity to build an operating model that actively contributes to, rather than harms, the achievement of your strategy. We’ve helped both large and small clients across both public and private sector establish an operating model that works for them – get in touch to find out how we can help you establish better operating processes.

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Ineffective leadership is often cited as a simplistic reason for IT projects having failed, but the solution is far from simple. Exceptional talent is hard to find, talent coupled with track record and battle scars is harder to find still.

We believe that strong programme and technical leadership is one of the most important factors in transformation success and our experience tells us that programmes with strong leadership tend to succeed. All Axiologik team members have delivered exceptional results at the highest level. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you deliver the results that are the most important to you.

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Change initiatives often start with the best of intentions, but end up in difficulties as plans unravel, mismatches in expectations appear and cost and timelines go west. Despite understanding why things are going wrong, organisations sometimes struggle to turn them around, continuing to throw good money after bad and, at times, putting their entire business at risk.

We believe that difficult situations require the ability to make difficult choices and the strength of will to drive through recovery plans in the face of adversity. At Axiologik, we’ve helped recover some of the largest and most challenged transformation programmes in the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring clarity when the chips are down and galvanise teams to embark upon the sometimes difficult road to recovery. If you are struggling with a project or programme, no matter how large or small, talk to us to see how we can help.

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Flawless change delivery requires many things to be in balance, from meaningful strategy through to rigorous governance, mature engineering and effective change management. However, organisations are complex systems and nothing is ever perfectly in balance. No matter where you are starting from, there are always ways to significantly improve.

At Axiologik, we have created an industry leading project, programme and portfolio assessment framework that helps clients identify how to get better at delivering change initiatives. Measuring over 120 aspects of delivery across 16 categories, we not only help you understand the end-to-end picture, but also how and where to focus your attention to drive a step change improvement in performance. Get in touch to discuss how our assessment service can help you deliver better results from your change programme.

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